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  • The UK's Number 1 Professional Dog Skin Supplement
  • Helps skin health
  • Rests sensitive skin, Decreases itching and damaging
  • Works in 3 to 6 weeks
  • Trusted by breeders and veterans
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Your beloved pet deserves the BEST as they give so much love and happiness you don't want to let her/him down when help is so much needed. After all, we all know how terrible sensitive skin is. It decreases itching and repairs damaged skin on your dog made with all natural ingredients.

1132 and growing fast real customer reviews 5 out of 5 Stars, always available the 5 Star winner. 

Yumega Itchy Dog
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As good owners, we only want the best for our dogs. That applies to every aspect of their well-being. From their mood to their physical health, we know how important it is to have our pets looking and feeling their best. Itchy skin in dogs nowadays is really common especially when you consider the modern lifestyles that dogs lead. So before you can get on top of any skin condition, you need to understand what the underlying cause is. All sorts of things may trigger itchy skin. From the food, a dog eats, to pollen and dust, to fleas and ticks. And if your dog has sensitive skin, apart from excessive scratching, you might find it chewing its paws or licking an area excessively. There are lots of things that an owner can do to help. Things such as putting them on a good quality diet, making sure that their parasite control is up-to-date, parasites such as fleas. But also if they've been out for a walk, wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any allergens such as pollens. You might want to consider using a supplement such as Yumega that contains omega 3 & 6 oils which are made from natural ingredients. Lots of things you can do then to keep your dog's coat and skin in tip-top condition.

It works by

If your dog's skin is sensitive , then they're likely to be responding to things in their surroundings like pollen, grasses, fleas & dust mites, making them itch and scratch which causes so much stress and pain for them.

If your dog has protracted scratching it can also cause skin damage, and hair loss of the coat, as well as making your dog feel really unhappy.

Using Yumega Plus you can be certain your dog is getting the right key omega 3 & 6 oils that help calm sensitive skin and reduce itching and scratching by adding Yumega Plus to your dog's meal.

The essential omega 3 and 6 oils discovered in gold flax, star-flower and fresh salmon help to calm sensitive skin and support skin strength, helping your dog cope with these 'itching causes'.

dogs itchy skin
stop our dog itching
"Had tried all sorts of therapies from the vets to stop our dog itching this worked in just a week. Would defiantly recommend it."
By stormchaser

Lintbells Yumega Plus

About Lintbells Lintbells is a UK based company dedicated to improving the health of dogs, cats and horses. Founded on sound nutritional science and focused on high quality and performance, the supplements deliver the promised health benefits to your pet.

Who is Lintbells

Lintbells is a UK based business dedicated to enhancing the well-being of cats, dogs, and horses. Founded on sound nutritional science and focused on functionality and high quality, the dietary supplements provide your pet with the promised health benefits.

All Lintbells products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

We use a particular five-step method of product innovation to help us fulfil our goal of producing the best products possible to guarantee we meet these standards:

  • Veterinary panel consultation - this provides us with potential courses and clear, clinical expertise on critical health problems to solve them.
  • Marketplace assessment - research with owners helps us to verify what you, the owner, desires for the company.
  • Scientific evaluation - a thorough assessment of the existing clinical studies and scientific evidence help us to identify possible alternatives.
  • Ingredient sourcing - sourcing the best possible, scientifically justified ingredients ensure higher product operation.
  • Product performance evaluation - veterinary and owner assessment of the finished product ensures their well-being promise is delivered on by the new products.
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must for problem skin/coat aggravation!
"Excellent for dogs with skin problems. I 've been adding this to the diet of my Sha Pei because of troubles with his dry, irritated skin. Found a difference within a day or two in the condition of his coat! As the days go past his skin and coat keeps getting better and dry. Damaged areas are going to be normal again; his pelt is regrowing again."

Yumega Plus ( Itchy Dog ) is not difficult to use, just simply mix with your dog's pet food . Ideal for your puppies over 8 weeks

Yumega Plus ( Itchy Dog ) is made from the fresh natural omega 3&6 oils, so it has a nice aroma and is naturally appetising to your pet.

It is important to give your dog time to get used to new things you introduce into their diet, so try using half the daily recommendation before moving up to the recommended amount of Yumega for your dog.

Please keep bottle in carton when not in use. Store in a cool, dry area out of direct sun and keep out of reach of children.

Please do not exceed the daily recommendations

yumega plus.

supplement for dogs itchy skin
"I was advised by my veterinarian to use this as my dog has quite sensitive and itchy skin certain times of the year. The vet charged me a bundle. I purchased my new bottle on here for just over a tenner. Brilliant cost, for a product that is this brilliant. It helped my dog, and she doesn't itch as much now. The only downfall with the product is it takes too much time to go into the dog's system (3 weeks), but when it does get into the system, it is truly is excellent. The dog loves it."
cheapest price
Consistant itching or scraping may be an indication that the dog has a skin allergy. This could be down to several stuff, but using an Omega 6 and 3 nutritional supplement can help
Does your dog chew or nibble their skin? This even breaking the skin that is then open to diseases, and may alleviate the itch but can cause additional discomfort and inflammation.
Some dogs use licking as a means to soothe the area that is itchy. Yet this often leads to additional aggravation, thickening of skin and potentially disease, worsening the problem.
Excessive scratch may lead to baldness on some areas of the body; helping to reduce the itch gives the jacket time to grow back.
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"I adore this product, Sam's (black Labrador) itch went within two days; it's also helped with his joints so a great buy especially when my vet charged me £22 for a bottle half the size when he 1st advocated it to me! Well worth the cash."
Frank and open

Natural ingredients Cold pressed for quality

Pure Salmon Oil

Yumega Plus ( Itchy Dog ) also contains excellent 100 percent Salmon oil in the crystal clear fjords of Norway.

From fishing boat to bottled oil that is prepared, it takes less than an hour to process this Salmon oil that is excellent quality, so your dog is getting powerful and fresh skin-soothing goodness.

Dog Skin


By using natural, sustainable ingredients, it ensures that Yumega itchy dog is right for your dog and the environment.

Key ingredients

  • Salmon oil
  • Fish oil
  • Golden Flax oil
  • Starflower oil
  • Vitamin E
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Omega 3 & 6  Why quality matters

In regards to Omega 3 & 6 oils, sourcing & processing honestly, matter. The oils in our nutritional supplements come from superior quality natural sources. Like the best extra virgin olive oils, they’re cold pressed & immediately bottled to preserve the very quality. The truth is, our quality standards are so high that we reject oils that go into some human nutritional supplements!

Are you using It for the Very First Time

It is significant to give your dog time to get used to new things you introduce into their diet. Attempt using use half the daily recommendation for the first week before moving to the recommended quantity for the dog using it for the first time

User insider tip

After you have taken your dog for a walk, wipe your dog down with a moist towel before coming back into the home. If they’re sensitive to pollen, this will remove it from their coat & paws, & help keep your house free of itchy causes. This may seem common sense, but it does work.

Wonderful medication for dog skin rash
"Our veterinarian highly recommended it this product. The trophy is a Beagle and is somewhat significant. He is extremely mad rash about the interior of the house. We tried a variety of creams, but nothing appeared to work for him. It was clear that he was feeling the pain, and we were determined to help him. We started to use it, and after the bottle was emptied, we did notice some improvement. So we decided to give it a further attempt. As opposed to purchasing from your veterinarian, we attempted to locate it online, and were pleased to see it on your site at a much lower price than getting from the vets! By the end of the second bottle we found a significant improvement, thus are now to put a regular order in (your service and price are great). We have been near the end of the third bottle, and the rash has completely gone, But we're decided to keep using it, so will continue to give it to him daily. It does work, and he loves it. He eats it's just like his regular food, one day I tried him with the measuring cup which had some treats around the sides and he licked it clean. I highly recommend this for any dog with a skin rash."

Reduce Your Dogs Excessive Moulting

Omega 6 GLA from Starflower (Borage) nourishes hair follicles & supports the skin replenishment cycle, helping reduce excessive moulting. Helps your dog and helps you from hair being left hair throughout the house.

Soothe & Nourish the dog's dry skin

Omega 6 from Starflower (Borage) nourishes & replenishes the skin. Linoleic acid helps to keep skin's natural moisture barrier. Antioxidant Vitamin E from natural plant sources helps to support skin health.

Boosts Dog Coat Development & State

High amounts of Omega 3 oils from Golden Flax help improve coat condition. A healthy coat is the dog's first line of defence against itchy causes like pollen & grass.Which also makes you pet happiness

Superior and All Natural Nutritional Supplements for Pets

Are you aware that we are only part of the Lintbells range? Our high-quality natural products help dogs, cats & horses look good & feel amazing, with nutritional supplements to foster coating state, assist stiff joints & equilibrium tummy problems.

Lintbells exists to help creatures appear & feel their best. The range of products is perfected through extensive trials, & the positive feedback of thousands of pet owners reveals we’re on the correct path as customer feedback helps use significantly. The truth is, we are so assured our products will function on your dog or cat that we offer a guarantee. See the difference within three months or your cash back. How many companies would do this!

Lintbells Yumega Plus

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